Pattern and garment for Nicola Brognano
Pattern and garment for Yie Kim Design
Pattern and garment for Giuseppe di Morabito
Pattern and garment for Luisa Beccaria
Pattern and garment for Nicola Brognano
Pattern and garment for Gin Salemo
Pattern and garment for Nicola Brognano
Pattern and garment for Yie Kim Design
Pattern and garment for Gyurin Na
Pattern and garment for Gin Salemo
Pattern and garment for Nara Kirasawa
Pattern and garment for Luisa Beccaria

1st sample

At the heart of our process lies a deep dive into the world of inspiration to truly understand your design. We believe that thorough comprehension is essential for creating a meaningful and impactful project. You have the flexibility to assign us any part of the garment creation process based on your preferences and specific needs. We offer comprehensive services that cover various stages of the process.

First we create Inspirational Moodboard

It is powerful tool that brings together images, colors, textures, and visual elements to set the tone and direction for your collection. We will curate a collection of captivating visuals that align with your vision. From stunning photographs and captivating artwork to trend-setting fashion images, we carefully select elements that resonate with your design concept, helping you refine and articulate your creative direction. The process of creating an inspirational moodboard helps clarify your design objectives and aesthetic preferences. By exploring various visual elements and their combinations, you'll gain a clearer understanding of the desired color palette, style, and mood for your project, facilitating the subsequent design stages.

Next Fabric Research

Fabric research requires extensive knowledge of the market and, like any research process, a significant amount of time. Typically, as it is closely linked to the collection ideation, clients choose all materials during or even prior to the development of designs. The choice of fabric is vital as it greatly influences the look, feel, and quality of a garment. Selecting the appropriate fabric involves considering factors such as texture, durability, breathability, and sustainability. By finding the right fabric, designers can ensure that the garment not only meets aesthetic standards but also delivers comfort and durability. In addition to fabric, incorporating special accessories can elevate the design and add unique touches to the garment. Accessories like buttons, zippers, buckles, and trims are essential elements that contribute to the overall aesthetic and functionality. Paying attention to these details ensures that every aspect of the garment reflects a high level of craftsmanship and style.

We can offer support in fabric and material research. However, since it is a highly complex task, an additional cost is involved. A detailed quote will be provided once all client requirements are clarified. Generally, for a collection of 10-20 pieces, the cost estimate for fabric research ranges between 1500 and 2000 euros. Please note that this cost does not include the actual purchase of fabrics, shipping, equipment costs, or graphic development.

After that we are ready to sketch

A design concept is visually communicated through sketches, illustrations, or digital renderings, capturing the essence and vision of a garment. This crucial stage fosters intense communication between the designer and the client, as it marks the birth of the garments. The visual depiction showcases the garment's silhouette, proportions, intricate details, and styling, providing a comprehensive understanding of the intended design. It serves as a vital reference point for designers, clients, and manufacturers to assess and evaluate the design concept, ensuring alignment and facilitating further collaboration throughout the garment creation process.

Preparing Tech packs

In addition to the visual representation, a technical description accompanies the garment idea to provide detailed information about its construction and specifications. The technical description includes precise measurements, fabric choices, color options, stitching details, closures (such as zippers or buttons), and any specific design features or embellishments. It also outlines any required patterns, trims, or accessories necessary to bring the garment to life.

The technical drawing ensures clear communication between the designer and the production team, facilitating the accurate translation of the design into a physical garment. It serves as a blueprint for pattern making, sample development, and manufacturing processes, ensuring consistency and precision throughout the production cycle.

Overall, the combination of a visual representation and a technical description allows for a comprehensive understanding of the garment idea, bridging the gap between creative vision and practical implementation.

Feel free to choose the specific areas where you require our expertise and support, and we will tailor our services accordingly. Whether you need assistance from the initial design stage or prefer to assign specific tasks within the production process, we are here to bring your vision to life with professionalism and dedication.



  • Sketches
  • technical drawing
  • Tech pack
  • Fabric research



  • Paper patterns
  • Industrial patterns
  • Grading
  • Canvas sample



  • First sample
  • Fitting
  • Runaway garment
  • Special projects



  • Small scale
  • Womenswear
  • Menswear
  • Kidswear

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